7th Annual BCP & IT DR CONFERENCE India 2015

As we all know, Business continuity planning (BCP) is an integral part of any business unit, be it a small, mid size or a large business house and irrespective of product/ services the business is manufacturing. With the current global B2C and B2B 24/7 working environment, it is imperative and almost obligatory on the business to stay well informed of internal as well external threats and take corrective measures to prevent disruption in the smooth functioning of the business and minimizing losses due to any downtime.

Having said that disaster may occur anytime, be it man made or natural, so we must be prepared. Depending on the size and nature of the business, we design a plan to minimize the disruption caused by the disaster and keep our business intact running & competitive. But with increased use of IT and e-business becoming prevalent in almost all the organization there is a need for business running 24/7 online and a single second downtime may result in huge losses in such a scenario. It becomes necessary in such situation to have modern disaster recovery plan rather than focusing on restoring the centralized data center or also referred as business continuity and resiliency planning BCRP.

7th Annual BCP & IT DR India 2015 aims to create a forum wherein different industries comes together and share their BCP & IT DR issues and what are the various solutions, tools, and technology available for the same. This conference will also facilitate a good networking and information sharing opportunity within various stake holders. USP of the event being interactive discussions, case studies, and technology demonstration so that there s a huge knowledge take away for BCP professionals who can then use the same and implement within their own organizations.