Sky Blue Credit Review – Best Credit Repair Service or Scam?

Founded in 1989, Sky Blue Credit Repair Company has more than 25 years of experience and is known as one of the top companies for fixing your credit report in a short period of time and at extremely affordable price. This company is dedicated to its services and helps you out with 5 items per credit bureau and works on up to 15 items per month.

One of the things which set them apart is the use of personalized letters to the creditors and lenders instead of the default template which is used by most other companies. This company is a great choice if you are looking for something which would provide you with a customized process of dispute every month. It is highly affordable and is completely worth the services which they provide to you. If you are still not sure whether this makes for a reliable credit repair company or not, you can go ahead and read our review for this company below.


Their signup process is pretty straightforward and simple. All you have to do is sign up online and then you would receive an email containing the steps and how to obtain your credit reports with the help of a monitoring service.

Once you have enrolled in their services, they will analyze your credit report and make a list of things which can be done to improve your credit and then send out the disputes of all these items. If the disputed items are removed then they would focus on other items, else they will reframe the disputed items and send them back until that item is improved.

They have a full-proof procedure which is bound to get the results which you need. You know what is the best part about this credit repair company? They have a 100% service guarantee else they will return your money back. This feature makes this company more reliable and prone to complete its services than the other credit repair companies.


How is this company better than other credit repair companies? They tend to send out disputes in the first week itself and work on 15 items at a time. Here are a few things which might want you to choose this company for your credit improvement:

  • Low pricing and they offer you with a couples discount too.
  • It ranks A+ in the BBB review.
  • Has 25+ years of experience in this field.
  • It is fast and simple to sign up for it.
  • You can cancel whenever you wish to.
  • It has a constant customer support available for you.


While they provide you with an effective result, they do lack in the online management area and you need to know a few of the drawbacks of choosing this credit repair company.

  • The whole process of Dispute might take a little longer than most companies.
  • Your issue might take some time to resolve.
  • There is no way to track your case.


Although the dispute process takes longer to complete, Sky Blue Credit Company is the most budgeted company for you and your spouse and is sure to present you with the positive results. The result might not be immediate but this company is definitely efficient and would solve all your disputes when given appropriate time. They tend to keep on working on all your disputes unless every single one of them is removed from your credit report and would return your money if the services weren’t completed. This makes this company a highly reliable company perfect for improving your credit and disputing the false information.

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