2nd Annual Pipeline Infrastructure & Safety Conference

The Indian government has earmarked USD 5 billion in the pipeline & terminal sector in the Hydrocarbon Vision 2025, to meet the country’s growing energy demand. This would require the government to have a prudent and pragmatic approach for the development of infrastructure in the hydrocarbon space, especially oil and gas pipelines. Building an additional 15,000 km of pipelines under the PPP scheme will boost private funding and participation as well as hasten the execution of these projects. Also, with PNGRB growth plans of 5000 km of pipeline execution in the next 2-3 years, near future seems good for pipeline infrastructure growth and in turn opportunities are awaited by construction companies for executing these projects.

The existing pipeline network for hydrocarbon transportation comprises of almost 30-32 per cent of all the modes of transportation. Various companies have their own operational network of pipelines. The hydrocarbon pipeline network in India tantamount to approx 25000 km however but has fewer terminals for handling large LNG imports. India is witnessing increased demand for natural gas and will ensure a steady pattern for pipeline network growth. This, in turn, demands larger growth and subsequent higher scope of investments.

While the building of more interstate and cross country pipelines remains at the forefront of the growth plans, another very important segment of oil and gas pipeline safety stays the front runner. Today’s pipelines require the rigorous application of safety and control systems. A lot of initiatives are being taken to raise safety standards that include replacing old pipelines and integrating advanced technologies. There is a need to create modern IT solutions to boost reaction time and prevent casualties. The protection of oil, gas and refined product pipelines against sabotage, illegal tapping, and terrorist action, combined with the detection of leaks and inline equipment failure, is a high priority in all countries but has been notoriously difficult to achieve.

The 2nd edition of Pipeline Infrastructure & Safety conference will focus on the latest developments in the areas pipeline infrastructure for the future along with its regulatory perspective. The conference shall also focus on the important subject of safeguarding the pipelines by means of technological innovation and pipeline integrity management.


  • Indian Pipeline Industry: Capabilities, Technical-Economical Problems & Development Plans
  • What to expect in pipeline policy, regulation, and business?
  • Solutions to protect pipeline infrastructure and people from malicious action
  • Framework – Safety in Natural Gas Pipeline in India
  • Construction, Operation & Maintenance of Natural Gas Pipeline System
  • Safety Aspects of NG Pipelines – Operation & Maintenance
  • Safety Aspects of NG Pipelines – Construction
  • Safety System for Gas Infrastructure
  • Pipeline Integrity, Mitigation, and O&M; Practices
  • Pipeline Leak Detection System Optimization
  • Incorporate new technologies into existing infrastructure
  • Identify the latest trends and targets of threat activities to oil and gas infrastructure


“Leadership through Resilience”.  The Summit will be held on April 20- 21, 2016 in Dubai, UAE.
Having now demonstrated Visionary Leadership with the launch of the UAE BCM Standard AE/HSC/NEMA 7000, the UAE and the Middle East Region as a whole have an opportunity to now embed Continuity into all processes and demonstrate world class Resilience across not just organizations, but across communities and countries.

The 5th Middle East Business & IT Resilience Summit 2016 – seeks to bring together in Dubai the best global and regional minds in Business and IT Resilience. Presentations and discussions will cover new thoughts, ideas and solutions to proactively manage all stages of the BCM implementation lifecycle. Including not just Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery, but also Crisis Management and Emergency Response, Safety, Information Security and Physical Security. Rub shoulders with global and regional gurus and contribute to BCM and leadership and trend-setting thoughts.

Indian Bulk Liquid Storage Conference 2016

Conference Overview

Key Points of Discussion

The conference shall provide strategic, commercial, regulatory and investment sessions, some of the issues to be covered will include the following:

  • Global overview of liquid bulk storage terminal and impact in the sector for falling in oil price
  • Policymaking and initiatives were taken to ease PPP model, land policy for major ports
  • Bulk Liquid Transportation Solutions
  • Fuel Handling System & Tank Farms
  • Developing an effective model for Port and Terminal collaboration
  • Sneak Peek into LNG/LPG Tank Terminals
  • Solutions for Tank Farms & Terminals for Oil & Gas
  • Bulk Fuel Storage & Distribution System
  • Applying Tank Farm safety standards for Petroleum Sector
  • Cryogenic Storages & Tank Farms
  • Terminal User Safety and Efficient Operation Management
The Indian Bulk Liquid Storage conference will cover a variety of important issues that are being faced by the bulk liquid storage industry within India and its numerous stakeholders

The Conference has been strategically designed for senior business professionals and decision makers, to include the latest industry topics and leading experts.

The Indian Bulk Liquid Storage conference shall bring together top representatives from the oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical industries to discuss and debate the application of current key innovations, while also providing important networking opportunities among this diverse group. Delegates will come away with ideas and inspiration, as well as solutions that can save costs and drive profits for your organization.


The conference and exhibition will bring together traders, terminal operators, oil majors, EPC providers, analysts, regulators, equipment suppliers and other market experts… and we are currently putting the programme together and looking for expert speakers or case study presenters to share their knowledge with their industry professionals who will attend the event as delegates to bring you the most informative and educational lineup possible.

If you would like the opportunity to take part, please submit your abstract, speaker name and company name with a brief overview of your proposal to the conference programmer, Komal Sharmakomal.sharma@india.messefrankfurt.com.

Is there a particular topic you want to hear about or speaker you want to listen to

If you would like to make a suggestion in relation to a speaker or a topic you would like to hear at the conference, send the information to chanderkant.verma@india.messefrankfurt.com.

7th Annual BCP & IT DR CONFERENCE India 2015

As we all know, Business continuity planning (BCP) is an integral part of any business unit, be it a small, mid size or a large business house and irrespective of product/ services the business is manufacturing. With the current global B2C and B2B 24/7 working environment, it is imperative and almost obligatory on the business to stay well informed of internal as well external threats and take corrective measures to prevent disruption in the smooth functioning of the business and minimizing losses due to any downtime.

Having said that disaster may occur anytime, be it man made or natural, so we must be prepared. Depending on the size and nature of the business, we design a plan to minimize the disruption caused by the disaster and keep our business intact running & competitive. But with increased use of IT and e-business becoming prevalent in almost all the organization there is a need for business running 24/7 online and a single second downtime may result in huge losses in such a scenario. It becomes necessary in such situation to have modern disaster recovery plan rather than focusing on restoring the centralized data center or also referred as business continuity and resiliency planning BCRP.

7th Annual BCP & IT DR India 2015 aims to create a forum wherein different industries comes together and share their BCP & IT DR issues and what are the various solutions, tools, and technology available for the same. This conference will also facilitate a good networking and information sharing opportunity within various stake holders. USP of the event being interactive discussions, case studies, and technology demonstration so that there s a huge knowledge take away for BCP professionals who can then use the same and implement within their own organizations.


Cyber-attacks are a national security concern. Banking, utilities, healthcare, communications, government services, emergency services, transportation – all are critical to the normal daily activities in every nation.

The increasing volume and sophistication of cyber threats–including targeting phishing scams, data theft, and other online vulnerabilities demand that we remain vigilant about securing our systems and information. The average unprotected computer (i.e. does not have proper security controls in place) connected to the Internet can be compromised in moments. Thousands of infected web pages are being discovered every day. Hundreds of millions of records have been involved in data breaches. New attack methods are launched continuously. These are just a few examples of the threats facing us, and they highlight the importance of information security as a necessary approach to protecting data and systems.

In order to cope with these security challenges – IXIA has joined hands with Cerebral Business Research to organize a Technical seminar on Protecting networking Infrastructure from Cyber Threats on 23rd August 2013 at Vivanta by Taj at Bangalore.

We take this opportunity to invite you to attend this important seminar which will help you to protect your data & systems.

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  • Conference Agenda

    Friday, 23rd August 2013 | Vivanta by Taj | Bangalore
    08:30 – 09:30 hrs Delegate Registration & Welcome Tea
    Session I
    09:30 -09:45 hrs Opening Notes
    Speaker – Girish Nagaraja Rao
    09:45 – 10:15 hrs Defending Your Network – The Pain In Coming Years
    Speaker – Winny Thomas, McAfee
    10:15 – 10:45 hrs Intrusion prevention with deception
    Prashant Khandelwal, Juniper Networks
    Ashish Joshi, Juniper Networks
    10:45 – 11:00 hrs Networking Tea/Coffee breaks
    11:00 – 11:45 hrs Staying Ahead in the face of change
    Speaker – Praveen Valliavalappil, IXIA
    11:45 – 12:05 hrs Importance of network security
    Speaker – Srikanta Prasad, Cisco
    12:05 – 12:35 hrs Cyber range training services 
    Speaker – Michael Morris, IXIA
    12:35 – 13:00 hrs Panel Discussions – Security Testing and its benefits
    Speaker – Cisco/Juniper/McAfee/Ixia
    13:00 – 14:00 hrs Power packed Networking Lunch
    Session II
    14:00 – 14:20 hrs LTE – Welcome to the planet of the Apps
    Speaker – Amritam Putatunda
    14:20 – 14:40 hrs HetNetstartegies & Challenges
    Speaker – Mr. Sandeep Sharma Ericson
    14:40 – 15:20 hrs LTE Pre deployment Testing 
    Speaker – Nikhil Srivastava, MTS
    15:20 – 15:40 hrs Wifi Offload & strategies
    Speaker – Tilak K, NSN
    15:40 – 16:20 hrs Co-existence of LTE 3G & Wifi
    Cisco – Mukesh Taneja, Dy. CTO
    16:20 – 17:00 hrs Quiz Round
    17:00 hrs onwards Closing remarks from IXIA
  • Who Should Atttend?

    Who should attend this event

    Banks, All enterprises who have their own IT infrastructure, NEMs who develop IT security products, Defence, and other security enterprises.

    Why and benefits

    Today, the potential damage posed by cyber threats is very real. This public seminar which will bring industry experts together helps critical infrastructure organizations understand cyber security risks, take steps to eliminate risks, and respond quickly in the event of a cyber-attack and advanced persistent threats.

    For Speaking Opportunities, please Contact

    Anjani Kr. Singh
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    Nidhi Taneja
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      • Topic – Defending Your Network – The Pain in Coming Years

         Winny Thomas
        Senior Security Lead with more than 10 years of experience. Winny has many high-security certifications under him and some of them are CCIE security (#23720), CCSA (Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator), CCSE (Checkpoint Certified Security Expert), RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer), CCIE Routing and Switching etc.

      • Topic – Intrusion prevention with deception

         Prashant Khandelwal
        Juniper Networks
        Prashant Khandelwal is the manager of security research team at Juniper Networks (Security BU). He has more than 10 years of experience as a security researcher and is currently managing the IPS signature writing team at Juniper India.

      •  Ashish Joshi
        Juniper Networks
        Ashish Joshi is a senior security researcher at Juniper Networks. He is an expert in vulnerability analysis and exploitation techniques. His main R&D; interests are analyzing network-based threats and evasion research.
    • Topic – Staying Ahead in the face of change

       Praveen Valliavalappil
      Director Engineer
      Ixia Technologies Pvt Ltd
      Praveen Valliavalappil is ‘Director Engineering’ at Ixia and contributes in the ‘Application & Security’ space. Over the last 20 years, he has held a variety of leadership roles in Product Engineering, Engineering Operations, Product Management, Customer advocacy & Partnerships. Praveen brings in the process-discipline & innovation into a fast-paced technology-driven product engineering setup. In the recent past, Praveen leads the incubation of one of Ixia’s security solution which helps in the assessment of how ‘Applications‘ and ‘IT infrastructure’ respond to conditions of threats like ‘DDoS’ (Distributed Denial of Service) and ‘Vulnerabilities exploits’.

      One of Praveen’s interests today is to serve as a cyber-security evangelist, creating awareness& thought leadership. He was a speaker at the recently concluded ‘Digital Security Summit 2013’ @ Canberra, which is Australia’s premier information and technology management conference

    • Topic – LTE – Welcome to the planet of the Apps

       Amritam Putatunda 
      Technical Marketing Engineer
      Ixia Technologies Pvt Ltd
      Amritam started his career as part of the Devtest engineer for Cisco new generation routers and switches. Joined Ixia as a Quality and Assurance engineer and later moved on to become the Technical Marketing Engineer for the Apps and Security business of Ixia. In the last few years, Amritam has been instrumental in development or management of several key features that were introduced into Ixia’s Apps and Security product lines. He is presently based out of Singapore and handles product management for the APAC region

    • Topic – Co-existence of LTE 3G & Wifi

       Mukesh Taneja
      Principal Engineer
      Cisco India
      Mukesh works as a Principal Engineer with Cisco India. He has been working in the areas of Internet of Things and Wireless systems. He has worked on commercial products and participated in standardization activities during past 20+ years. Mukesh got his Ph.D. from University of California San Diego and has also completed an Executive Management Program from IIM Bangalore.

    • Topic – Cyber range training services

       Michael Morris
      Senior Director
      Ixia Global Services
      Michael Morris has been with Ixia for 5 years and was brought in to create and develop the professional services business as a value-added offering to better support and service Ixia’s growing customer base. Michael has been working for many years in a global role in the networking and telecommunications business giving him a unique perspective on the business challenges customers face in the complex world of converged wireless and wired IP infrastructures. He is an expert in consulting and solution services in the IT and network domain.

      Michael has almost 20 years of experience in software and hardware solutions focused on markets ranging from network equipment manufacturers, services providers to Fortune 1000 enterprises. Michael has worked in various roles including R&D; software development, OSS consulting, Strategic product planning, technical training, sales, support, and services. Michael has a Bachelor of Computer Science from Colorado State University.

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  • Venue Details

    Vivanta by Taj – M G Road 
    41/3, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560 001, India
    Telephone: +91 80 6660 4444, Facsimile: +91 80 6661 4444 Web: www.vivantabytaj.com

     Soak in the space that’s bang in the center of Bangalore’s business and entertainment areas.Drive in from the airport delighting in backseat surprises (we’re not revealing here). You’ll see how we mean business in a quiet efficient way from the moment you step in. Our lobby is a unique mix of chic and classic. This arrival zone sets the tone for guestrooms and banquet facilities that deliver the ultimate in urban relaxation. Get set to be delighted with small surprises from the moment you enter.

    Discover the most happening restaurants which open to the lobby or the pool to create an enticing food zone offering the best in world cuisine. Technology is woven through it all. Vivanta by Taj – M G Road has all the entertainment and connectivity options today’s traveler requires. Become a part of our world. Feel the pulse of an international business and conferencing destination. Experience the buzz.

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  • Modernization of Indian Refineries The Technology Perspective

    India’s automobile industry has seven years to upgrade to the Bharat Stage-V emission norms, but it can meet the deadline only if oil marketing companies manage to line up fresh investments of at least Rs 80,000 crore over the next few years to supply the requisite fuel. An expert committee, tasked by the petroleum ministry to suggest standards and timelines for switching to higher quality fuel and emission norms in the country, has recommended an upgrade to the intermediate BS-IV+ norms across India by April 1, 2017 followed by the introduction of BS-V fuel on April 1, 2021 if fresh investments are made.

    The emission standards are instituted by the government to regulate the output of air pollutants from internal combustion engine equipment including motor vehicles. Oil marketing companies (OMCs) had invested Rs 30,000 crore for moving from BS-III to BS-IV emission norms in 2010. It is estimated that fresh investments of at least Rs 80,000 crore will be needed over the next few years for OMCs to set up new facilities capable of producing the BS-V fuel.

    Regulatory norms for Bharat IV and V will force refineries to go for a technological overhaul. Keeping in mind Bharat IV equivalent Euro-IV quality auto fuels are already mandated in major cities in India and many of refineries have set up/ are setting up facilities for meeting Euro-IV and V quality fuels. This will be required to meet the future quality standards in India and will enable the refinery to market its products anywhere in India including the major cities and also to export the products.

    The one day conference will focus on opportunities, technological Challenges and way forward for the modernization of Indian Refineries. The forum will attract all major refinery operators and global technology/solution provider/regulators / consultants at one platform for knowledge sharing.


    • Revamp & Turnarounds
    • Process Improvements and Related Advanced Technologies
    • Improving Efficiency and Optimizing Operations
    • Environmental Concerns and Related Advanced Technologies
    • Safety & Hazard Concerns
    • Refinery and Petrochemical Integration
    • Building New Generation Refineries / EPC in Refining
    • Communication & Monitoring Technologies
    • Asset Integrity
    • FCC
    • Hydrotreating & Hydrocracking
    • Other Related Technical Subjects

    Visitor Experienced

    • Paul Willbourne, Refineries Business Manager – Europe, Middle East and Africa, Johnson Md

      I found it was a good event for me and Johnson Matthey as an opportunity to meet with a number of refiners and potential clients. I also found it was a good conference in terms of technology – most of these conferences tend to be very sales focused with not much on the technology side of things, so well done for that.

    • Charles T. Drevna, President, National Petrochemical and Refiners Association

      World Refining Technology Summit & Exhibition program sounds most interesting and topical. Wish you much success in the conference


    • The Lalit, New Delhi
    • February 27, of Course, This Year
    • High Profile Indian & International Speakers
    • 100 Seats Hurry up, register!
    • Breakfast & Lunch
    • Immediate Visa Support
    • Walking Distance to Connaught Place

    About 2nd Annual “Shale Oil & Gas India Conference 2014”

    Cerebral Business Research will be hosting the 2nd Annual Shale Oil & Gas India – Conference on 12th September 2014 in Mumbai. This Annual Conference and Exhibition provides an excellent forum for senior-level delegations from the Indian and international shale oil and gas industry to gather together to explore the world of opportunity that shale gas and oil present as well as share experiences and best practices for Indian as well as global markets.

    Around 300 delegates from India and overseas interested in the Indian market will be attending the conference. The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition on latest technologies & solutions.


    Key Benefits of Attending

    • Indian Shale Gas – An attractive Opportunity to Achieve Energy Security
    • International Experience on Shale Gas
    • Technology Challenges in Shale Exploration
    • Implications of Indian Regulations & Govt. Policy framework for Shale exploration – A Global Learning
    • Criticality of Technology Limitations leading to Global Technologies Emergency in India
    • Prospecting to Production of Shale – Key to Efficiency in Production
    • HSE in Shale Exploration
    • Exploration Technologies – Global Practices & Case Study
    • Water management & Waste Water Treatment technology – Indian Perspective
    • Storage & Logistics Technology – Production to Distribution outlook
    • Finance, Commercial and Taxation Issues in Shale Oil and Gas
    • Financing Shale Oil & Gas Assets
      – Accounting issues for foreign investors and service companies Financing India’s Shale Gas Projects Equity raising, Farm-in or project financing
    • Commercial Aspects
      – Shale Oil and Gas Pricing – Government Control or Market Driven Gas Contracting – Long versus Medium
    • Taxation Issues
      – Do we need a separate Royalty and Tax Structure for Shale Gas and Global Lesson
    • Stream sessions with in-depth presentations providing you with the most choice possible
    • Case studies from experts detailing practical advice and best practice
    • Pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings, maximising your networking opportunities
    • Discussion tables, including lively debate and interaction with your peers
    • Interactive participation, specialist advice, and Q&A sessions
    • Expo where you can identify the latest technologies /Solutions

    We invite relevant papers from the industries for this only big format conference on Shale Oil & Gas India. 

    Speaking opportunity for Technology / Solutions / Consulting companies is attached with sponsorship.
    To know more please email at ck.verma@cerebralbusiness.com

    2nd Annual Next Generation Cyber Threats India Exposition 2014

    About the 2nd Annual Next Generation Cyber Threats India Exposition 2014

    Cyber-attacks are a national security concern. Banking, utilities, healthcare, communications, government services, emergency services, transportation – all are critical to the normal daily activities in India.

    India is one of the leading victims of cyber-crime and the cyber security, as per the industry report the cyber crime is estimated at around US$ 218 million. Indian cyber security companies have developed indigenous products to address rising cyber-threats, but, with the limited success. Cyber threats are a fastest growing crime today and this can be defined as malicious intrusions into cyber networks using vicious codes including viruses, worms, spyware, and malware with the intention to cause harm. According to a Security Research Firm, the highest rates of cyber crimes are found in areas with uninterrupted internet connectivity in India.

    Cerebral Business Research is delighted to present India’s 2nd international exhibition cum summit on Cyber Threats now into the successful 2nd year, scheduled on Thursday, 05th June 2014 at Le Meridien– New Delhi.

    A steep rise in the number of cyber attacks on Indian computer networks in the last three years has forced the government to adopt a multi-pronged strategy to secure its strategic data-centres and deal with emergency situations. The government has identified a list of critical computer infrastructure which needs special protection against cyber attacks this includes national security, defence, healthcare, banks, stock markets, power grids, railways and airlines, weather and many others.

    The increasing volume and sophistication of cyber threats–including targeting phishing scams, data theft, and other online vulnerabilities demand that we remain vigilant about securing our systems and information. Thousands of infected web pages are being discovered every day. Hundreds of millions of records have been involved in data breaches. New attack methods are launched continuously. These are just a few examples of the threats facing us, and they highlight the importance of information security as a necessary approach to protecting data and systems.

    The summit will bring together entire ecosystem under one roof to understand the next generation of cyber attacks and how can we prevent our networking infrastructure more secure in order to cope with further financial losses.

    The summit will highlight some of the important topics on next generation cyber threats India in the followings sectors:

    Telecom & IT, Banks & Financials, Transport, Defence, Government, Energy, Legal, Railways, Real Estate, Aviation & Power, SME’s Enterprise etc:

    The summit would attract 400 business delegates & comprise from:

    • MD, CEO’s, CTO’s
    • Chief Financial Officers
    • Senior Management
    • CISO
    • Procurement Specialists
    • Board management
    • Policy Makers
    • Security & IT Executives
    • Business Owners
    • Compliance and GRC Professionals
    • Banking officials
    • Mobile App Developers
    • Anti Fraud Specialists
    • Internal Auditors
    • Regulators
    • Lawyers
    • Insurance and Risk Executives
    • Strategic Planning Specialists
    • Law Enforcement
    • CNI Specialists
    • Operating Executives
    • Accountants
    For Sponsorship & Exhibiting
    Please get in touch with Anjani Kr. Singh E: a.singh@cerebralbusiness.com M: +91 98182 71445
    For Delegate Registration
    Please get in touch with Nidhi Taneja E: nidhi@cerebralbusiness.com M: +91 98111 97966

    Financing Energy Efficiency Projects 2014

    About The Conference

    In India, Energy Efficiency (EE) is increasingly seen as a viable option that is cost effective, supplemental and environmentally sound. The industries have immense possibilities to unlock energy efficiency opportunities, estimated to be about Rs. 74,000 crore, annual fuel saving of about 23 million ton of oil equivalent (toe), and cumulative avoided electricity capacity addition of 19000 MW and so on. The market-based mechanism is in place to unravel the potential, enhance the cost effectiveness and improving the EE in industries through policy instruments. The program presents concepts across policy dynamics, enhanced energy audit skills, sector specific EE technology and best industry practices, developing knacks for preparation of bankable DPRs, the path to financing access for EE projects, abilities on EE project evaluation, monitoring and evaluation etc. This program assumes no prior technical and financial background. It designed for middle to senior level professionals into the fields well as for those who have an understanding in one area and are looking forward to extending it in related areas. It will appeal to business decision makers, from a variety of job roles, requiring thorough and rounded subject review. It will also provide a platform for market focused discussion and meeting like-minded professionals.

  • Program Objectives:
    • To develop an understanding for using policy tools for business benefits.
    • To provide skills for developing bankable Detail Project Reports (DPRs)
    • To enhance abilities for understanding various economic, financial and operational aspects of EE projects.


    Policy and Regulation

    • Energy Efficiency Scenario
    • Energy Efficiency: Policies and Regulatory Interventions

    Techno-economic Drivers

    • Energy Efficiency measures in industries
    • Cost Benefits of Energy Efficiency projects

    Project Development

    • Implementing Energy Efficiency in Industries
    • Evaluation, Monitoring, and Verification (EVM) of EE projects

    Financing of Energy Efficiency

    • Developing bankable Detailed Project Reports
    • ESCO financing
    • Removal of Financing Barriers – EE Projects in India
    • Financing landscape for Energy Efficiency Projects

    Please fill this form to see the CONFERENCE AGENDA






    ( Valid official email id would be accepted )


    Conference Agenda

    Day 1, January 31, 2014
    9:00 – 9:15 am Registration & Welcome Tea
    9:15 – 9:30 am Program Overview & Introduction of Participants
    9:30 – 10:00am Opening Remarks: Energy Efficiency: A method to save money by Dr. Vijay Deshpande
    10:00 – 11:30am Session I
    Understanding Energy Efficiency Policies and Mechanisms in India

    Tentative Speaker: Dr. Sandeep Garg, Energy Economist

    11:30 – 11:45am Networking Refreshment Break
    11:45 – 01:15 pm Session II
    Energy Efficiency Measures in Industries

    Tentative Speaker: Dr. B. D. Sharma, Vice President, JB Group

    01:15 – 02:15pm Networking Lunch Break
    02:15 – 03:45 pm Session III
    Cost Benefit Analysis of Energy Efficiency Projects in India

    Tentative Speaker: Dr. Vijay Deshpande, Energy Economist

    03:45 – 04:00pm Networking Refreshment Break
    04:00 – 05:30pm Session IV
    Implementing Energy Efficiency in Industries: Opportunity and Challenges  

    Tentative Speaker – TBD

    05:30pm Summary & End of the Day
    Day 2, February 1, 2014
    9:30 – 11:00 am Session I
    Evaluation, Monitoring, and Verification (EVM) of EE projects

    Tentative Speaker: Dr. Mahesh Patankar, Managing Director, MP Ensystems Advisory Private Limited

    11:00 – 11:15pm Networking Refreshment Break
    11:15 – 12:15pm Session II
    ESCO Financing

    Tentative Speaker:  Mr. Saurabh Kumar, Director, EESL, New Delhi

    12:15- 01:45 pm Networking Lunch Break
    01:45 – 03:15 pm Session III
    Financing Landscape for EE projects

    Tentative Speaker:  Mr. K.P. Philip, Senior Manager and Group Leader (EE), IREDA, New Delhi

    03:15 – 04:15 pm Session IV
    Removal of Financing Barriers – EE Projects in India

    Tentative Speaker: Mr. Sanjeev Singhal, Advisor, Project Finance, State Bank of India

    04:15 – 04:30 pm Networking Refreshment Break
    04:30 – 05:30 pm Session V
    Understanding Detailed Project Report (DPR) for EE projects

    Tentative Speaker: TBD

    05:30 – 06:00pm Summary & Valediction Ceremony
    06:00pm End of Program

    Who Should Attend?

    Middle to senior level professionals from all energy intensive industries, industrial associations, ESCOs, energy professional, technology providers, consultants, Research and Development organizations, financial institutions and bankers etc.

    For Speaking Opportunities, please Contact

    Chander Kant Verma
    Email: ck.verma@cerebralbusiness.com
    Call: +91 95409 91011

    For Delegate Registration, please Contact

    Meghana Vyas
    Email: m.vyas@cerebralbusiness.com
    Call: +91 95409 91022


    • Dr. Sandeep Garg
      Energy Economist
    • Dr. B. D. Sharma
      Vice President, JB Group
    • Dr. Vijay Deshpande
      Energy Economist
    • Dr. Mahesh Patankar
      Managing Director, MP Ensystems Advisory Private Limited
    • Mr. Saurabh Kumar
      Director, EESL, New Delhi
    • Mr. K.P. Philip
      Senior Manager and Group Leader (EE), IREDA, New Delhi
    • Mr. Sanjeev Singhal
      Advisor, Project Finance, State Bank of India